Who We Are...

Hello! My name is Rusti, dedicated caretaker and guardian of ferals in my community. I have made it my life’s ambition to education people about feral cats and the practice of TNR.

I am dedicated to saving as many ferals as I can and am passionate about educating others on how to combat the astronomical numbers of feral cats world wide. We are not an adoption facility and none of our kits are available to adopt. I release all ferals I trap but will keep all kittens, pregnant mommas and sick or injured kits.

The kits I have at my facility now are ones that never left once released, so I have integrated them into my existing colony. It’s hard work and it’s not cheap, but I do what I can with what I’ve got.. If you would like to help us, please consider making a small donation to our PayPal at emptymeowcorral@comcast.net or right here on our Facebook page. I also have an online store filled with great items to choose from. Every purrchase you make allows me to save & care for more feral cats !

Visit my store here :